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Shell St. James lives in an 1895 farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. A victim of insomnia, she lies awake most nights listening for the footsteps of ghosts and spinning stories in her head. Her overactive imagination is graciously indulged by her musician significant other, and enthusiastically encouraged by her spooky cat, Sam.

She writes both adult and middle grade fiction. Her short stories have appeared in :

The Periodical Forlorn

The Elephant Ladder

Share Your Scare Volume 4

The Spectre Review

La Presa Literary Journal


Theme of Absence

3 Moon Magazine

Epoch Press

Night Terrors Volume 12

The Vanishing Point

Hippocampus Literary Magazine

Shenandoah Magazine

The Writing Quarter (contest winner)

She is currently seeking representation for her middle-grade mystery novel, "The Mermaid of Agawam Bay", while working on her second novel, "Romance is Dead". An excerpt of "The Mermaid of Agawam Bay" was featured in Shenandoah Magazine's Fall 2021 issue, along with an accompanying essay, titled, "Let a Little Magic In."

Connect with her on Twitter@shellstjames1 or drop her a line at [email protected]

  • our 1895 farmhouse
    our 1895 farmhouse
  • with gargoyle Grizzel
    with gargoyle Grizzel
  • Sam plotting a character's murder
    Sam plotting a character's murder
  • being spooky in Savannah
    being spooky in Savannah
  • S.O. musician Keith Shamel
    S.O. musician Keith Shamel
  • my spooky muse, Sam
    my spooky muse, Sam
our 1895 farmhouse
our 1895 farmhouse